Steps to operate software.

  • 1. Create slab in Brokerage slab (Masters> Brokerage Slab.)

>> Select Exchange and enter Slab name.
>> Enter the slab percentage or fix amount for that slab.
>> If Sale side if different then tick the Sale side is Different.


  • 2. Create customer/accounts (Masters > Account Master)

>> Select Head/Type for appropriate acc like 'Customer' for Customers, 'Broker' for yourself and main broker, 'Sub Broker' for Agents.
>> You can also create 'Cash','Bank' type account for you cash and bank.
>> Account code will be the username for customer to see his trades and bill online. Default password is 'user'.
>> Account Code named 'brokerage' will show your brokerage in ledger


  • 3. Set Scripts (Masters > Script)

>> For MCX Click 'Save Script' button to get script list from internet.
>> For NSCFO Enter the new expiry date of the script and click 'Save'.


  • 4. Create Valan (Masters > Valan)

>> Enter valan name
>> Select or enter 'start date' and 'end date'
>> Select the 'default broker'
>> Select the 'exchange'


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